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The Original TIKI Market Place "End of Summer Extravaganza" September 23, 2023

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What: The Original TIKI Market Place Presents..."Summer Kick-Off" Event!
Who: Tiki Vendors, Live Hawaiian Entertainment, Food, & More!!!
When: Saturday, June 15th,10am to 3pm
Where: Garden Grove Elks Lodge
Cost: $10 admission (CASH ONLY) Includes a drink discount voucher!

***This is a Family Friendly event! Children under 12 are free!!! STROLLER FRIENDLY!!!
***The Garden Grove Elks Lodge is located at 11551 Trask Avenue, Garden Grove (Between Euclid & Harbor at Newhope-just off the 22 Fwy)

The Original TIKI Market Place is and has always been about "Ohana"; an Hawaiian word meaning family...and in an extended definition it includes adopted and intentional members. It is this feeling, or "vibe" we have created over the past TWELVE years and are so proud of! We are grateful for our friends, both vendors and guests, and for your support!


*Food, Friends, Tiki Artist, Carvers & Vendors, Live Hawaiian Music & More!!!

"Bringing TIKI to the Ohana Since 2012"

Show Special!!! Limited Edition of 250. Only $40! Includes Metal Lapel Pin! (We still have a few left!!!)

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What a great idea to use all the space Don's has! And Tiki shopping, drinking and eating in the appropriate environs is always fun. I am gonna be vending there fer sure! :)

Great Idea Art! Tiki shopping, eating and enjoying!!!!!!


If you are interested in vending please send me a PM asap.

I'm in! Lots of new stuff to bring as well.
See you there.

Also, the Kalama Brothers will be providing musical entertainment from 12-3pm!!!

Don't forget, Don the Beachcomber will be releasing the ALL NEW Vicious Virgin 2 Tiki Mug!!! A new color will sure to become an instant collectible!

***Plan to come early for the bargains and stay for the entertainment!!!

[ Edited by: SoccerTiki 2012-01-28 21:52 ]

Two more Vendors added! Tiki Dog and his Super Amazing Tiki Toss & Jared Sislin Photography (an up-and-coming surf photographer.)

Vendor Just Added: Jim Bacchi with some Tikiyaki Orchestra swag!

This is an awesome idea they have so much room and after the Lucky 13 party that Doug DoRr helped put on why wouldnt they

Hey, here are some of the tikis I will be bringing. If you're interseted in them PM me or e-mail me at [email protected] to hold one. They are $150.00 for the torch tiki, $75 for the Easter Island Cannibal/Headhunter and $100 for the rest.

Thank you Doug Horne for the flyer!!!


That poster design is awesome !!

Is it a Swampfire original ??


Excellent! I have band practice in the morning, but plan to drop by for the last hour or two.

Caltiki Brent

Dan and I have just signed up to vend at Don's. See you there, Wendy-danlovestikis

Past projects_________________

[ Edited by: danlovestikis 2012-01-27 21:58 ]

Ok, time to get excited! The official list of vendors for the first ITMP: (In alphabetical order) Tiki Mania, Doug Horne, Dr. Z, Go Tiki, Happy Chi Jewelry, HB Tiki, Hot Tiki, Johnnie Velour, Smokin' Tikis, Sven Keirsten, Tiki Al, Tiki Farm, Tiki Pops, Tikyaki Orchestra, and Wendy Cevola!!!

I want to thank you all in advance for sharing our vision of bringing the spirit of the International Market Place (founded by Donn Beach in 1956) and the spirit of TIKI which we all share to Don the Beachcomber! Mahalo! Mahalo! Mahalo!


Some of the items that will be for sale at the International Market Tiki Swap meet at Don the Beachcomber Sunday at HB Tiki Booth. Molding for the tiki room or a lighted Tiki mug or liquor cabinet.

On 2012-01-27 21:56, danlovestikis wrote:
Dan and I have just signed up to vend at Don's. See you there, Wendy-danlovestikis

Past projects_________________

[ Edited by: danlovestikis 2012-01-27 21:58 ]

WooHoo! We can't wait to see you :)

Here is a preview of some of the items I'll be bringing.

Vintage & older shirts & dresses. Get some new duds for the up coming events.

I will also have misc. items.

Plus more! & a few mugs.

One more vendor has just signed up and taken the last spot..... Anyone have an idea who it might be????


"Marriage, Mortgages and Mai-Tai's...Whatta life!"

[ Edited by: SoccerTiki 2012-01-28 17:09 ]

Bamboo Ben
Custom Tropical Decor
I build Tiki Rooms for you! Just ask around :wink:

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Mid Century lamp at HB TIKI booth at the International market Tiki Place at DTB.

Just hours away from the first International TIKI Market Place and everything is going smoothly! After the email blasts from Otto, Holden, Crazy Al and Don the Beachcomber, there could be a lot of folks out for some good food, drink, shopping music and friendship! Remember, the KALAMA BROTHERS go on at noon in the Long Board Room and you can see and hear them while you're shopping. Tables will be set up in front of the stage for dining and enjoying their show.
Don the Beachcomber will be releasing their Vicious Virgin 2 mug!

See you at Don's...Stop by and say "WoooHooooo!"


Please attend the The International Tiki Market Place Today at Don the Beachcomber, It is great place to be with old tiki friends and all new tiki people just discovering tiki will attend. All top vendor in tiki will be and there if possible ,and anyone supporting such a tiki event if possible will be there too. Thanks to Soccer Tiki this event is taking place and thanks to Art Snyder for for providing the best Tiki bar in sc.


Yes, it's true - even The Good Doctor will be in the house! Come by my 'non-vendor' booth and check out some 'non-vendor' stuff that's priced to move! Random tiki things that I've had in storage ever since I closed down the Castaway Lounge back in '05: 'not-too-rare' mugs, 'non-vintage' shirts, 'sorta-tiki' things that were gifts from well-intentioned friends, a slew of 'not-very-sought-after' Benihana mugs and a few actual treasures here & there... Got a couple bucks leftover after shopping elsewhere? Stop by and spend 'em with me!

Wow looks like great vendors, great food, great location! I hope everyone does well. I am sorry to ave to miss this, I wish Art and everyone success!


Good turnout for good stuff, good food, good drinks and good people.

Had a great time! Food and drinks were great. The venders had a nice selection of stuff to purchase.

Great job putting this together SoccerTiki and Woohoo! I hope Don's allows this to become a regular thing. It was well worth the drive from Oceanside!


Today at Don the Beachcomber was like in 1955 that DTB started the International market Place. Thanks to Chris Garland "SOCCER TIKI" and his wife Karen for the idea and promotion of the event, and especially Art
and Delia Snyder for the beautiful tiki bar and wonderful food and drink. Today was the first in many to come for vendors to sell there Tiki creations, reunite old tiki friends and bring new people into the world of tiki. It was like the perfect day with new and old with vendor, exotic tiki bands , promoter of
tiki events attending. It was the perfect event. Thank you again Soccer Tiki and Art Snyder.

Bamboo Ben
Custom Tropical Decor
I build Tiki Rooms for you! Just ask around :wink:

[ Edited by: revbambooben 2016-03-23 20:33 ]

WooHooo....What a Tiki-rrific Day! Mahalo! Mahalo! Mahalo to Everyone who made the trek to Don's and helped to make the 1st International Tiki Marketplace happen. It was the perfect way to end the weekend.


Forgot to post a picture, also thanks to Holden for the second beautiful Virgin Mug. Tiki farm supports the Tiki community.


The family had a great time today at Don the Beachcomber's International Market place. Thank to Chris and Art, two guys who know how to throw a shindig !!!


Thanks Chris and Karen, Nice turn out for tiki lovers for sure! Great Idea SoccerTiki and WhooHooWahine! Tiki shopping, eating and enjoying!!!!!! Great time for the Ohana of So. Cal tiki, It was nice to see Art, As he made a small apperance to say Hi to all, Very fun!!!!! Gogo and Dani.

Crazy Al and A Crazed Al!!!!!!!!

Dani has a new hat!!!!!

There was alot to be jazzed about today, But the best thing was hanging with the greatest
bunch of clowns this side of Barnum & Bailey!

Nice to chat with ya Wendy, Dani & GoGo, Benster, Holden, next time we top this!
And most of you missed the Blackout, unless you stayed late, power was out in half of Seal Beach
yet they still were serving drinks in the dark in the Dagger Bar when we left

[ Edited by: Chuck Tatum is Tiki 2012-01-29 19:55 ]

What a terrific day! The weather, the people, the drinks, the music, all those great wares - and that in the atmospheric, authentic environs of Don the Beachcomber's! I saw all the Ohana, got plied with Mai Tais, AND made a bunch of money. Thank you Chris and Woohoo and Art, I'll be back!

...and good food, too!

congrat's guy's for a great turn out for a first time tiki market. Great vendors and all the usual suspects to make the mood just right. A great combo of music/food/drinks and swag to make it all more enjoyable to see old friends. I look forward to the next special event at Don's.



I came all the way down from Sacramento. Me and my wife had a good time meeting everyone. Bought some cool stuff!

Thanks to Don The Beachcomber for putting on such a great event!!

THANK YOU to those of you who travelled from far and near to be part of the International Tiki Market Place! 16 vendors and over 185 customers filled Don the Beachcomber and gave it a true "Marketplace" atmosphere!

When I walked through a cold, quiet and dark Don the Beachcomber at 8:30am to open the doors for the vendors I had NO idea those walls would soon hold the hustle and bustle of vendors and shoppers haggling over and scoring treasures all while listening to great Hawaiian music and sipping classic tiki cocktails. I saw many friends catching up on recent adventures, new faces, and lots of happy people!!!

I spoke with all the vendors and they are all invited back to the next International Tiki Market Place. I spoke with almost all the customers and they can't wait for the next one!

A BIG MAHALO to Art and Delia Snyder, owners of Don the Beachcomber. Without their support this event would not happen! And thank you to Emerson, the GM, and ALL the staff for coming together in a very short time period to make things run so smoothly!!! Big hugs and kisses to my wife WooHooWahine for standing at the entrance all day greeting guests and taking money!!! Also thanks to Margi who helped with Karen at the entrance. (You two kept the traffic moving!!!)

Start saving your milk money, 'cause the ITMP will return very soon!!!!! With new additions to the vendor list and new musical entertainment and maybe a new venue inside the the Tiki Temple the IS Don the Beachcomber!!!

One more big WOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOO! to all of you!!!!


"Marriage, Mortgages and Mai-Tai's...Whatta life!"

[ Edited by: SoccerTiki 2012-01-30 09:47 ]

Good times, great seeing everyone yesterday!

Sherriyaki and I had a great time yesterday, and we're looking forward to the next one!
Nice photos peoples! Bigbrotiki...thanks for gettin' me in a photo. I saw myself lurking in the background of one of your shots.
I'll have to take more photos, and stop having so much fun at the next ITMP.
Here's a few from yesterday...


[ Edited by: Tonga Tom 2012-01-30 11:51 ]

On 2012-01-22 11:14, SoccerTiki wrote:
Also, the Kalama Brothers will be providing musical entertainment from 12-3pm!!!
***Plan to come early for the bargains and stay for the entertainment!!!

Am I the only one who noticed the two heads - one body thing going on here

thanks for all the pics.
I was really bummed to have missed this.
But between being really tight on funds,
and my truck getting ready to go feet up on me,
I needed to stay home and try to save up.

congrats on the success,
looked like a real fun time.


On 2012-01-30 11:46, Tonga Tom wrote:

Holden, what a drama queen. :)

Great time at Don's yesterday, great to see so many familiar faces. Tiki still lives, long live Tiki!


Wow!! What a great event to pick as my first one as a vendor. Karen & I had a great time. Thanks again, to Chris, Karen & Art for a great job.

Can anyone tell me who's work this is? Thanks


I think that's Johnnie Velour's...

He's an Original (Tiki) Gangsta !!

Yes that is Johnny's stuff, He doesn't age by the way, I think he is a Vampire.

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