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Witco 3foot mask

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Help! There is a 3-4 foot Witco mask for sale at a used furniture store by my house for 95 bucks, couldn't find any to compare it to on ebay. Is this a good deal? I want to hurry over and grab it if it is but I'm kinda frugal, someone let me know if I should get it. Thx Guys, I know I can count on u tikifreaks for advice.

Buy it...as long as you are positive that it's a Witco. If you have buyer's remorse, then I'll buy it from you.

Thanks sugardaddy, It still has the westenhaver tag stapled to the back. So I'm certain, is it a steal or just a moderately good deal?

Thx again 4 your help

It sounds like a very good deal. If I truly didn't like it, and yes, there are some Witco's I personally don't care for, then I know some fellow TC'ers that would give me what I payed for it, and I wouldn't be out any money.

Good luck!

Thx again Caddydaddio.

You could probably get big $$$ on eBay for it.



Mug, Sugarcaddy,
I went down an' bought it for about 100 bux with the tax included, it's 4ft tall by 1ft wide, the tag is on the back, it's half a tag actually, reads: Kau, contemporary idol by Westenhaver on the front.

Here's the ripped half sentences from the back of the tag:

Each Kau Contemporary

exclusively by Mr.Westenhaver

the original idols found on the islands

Island", unmistakably are the

temporary design due to b

Polynesian art.

Thx again 4 the helpful advice guys.

If anyone else knows anything about the piece
please share your font of tiki knowledge with me.

Sneaky Bryan.

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Post some pics!

My friend, you have located one of the crown jewels of Witco collecting. Hefner owned (three?) of them according to the B.O.T. That's a keeper.

Thx for the tip Basement Kahuna! I broke out my B.O.T. and found a pic. of a very similar mask on pg.253. He's the 2nd from right mask on the orange background middle photo. The photo of the Kau tag on pg.252 is almost identical to my tag as well. I don't have a digital camera so I'll have to scan some photos. I'm going to try and learn any provenance I can about the piece as it's from a local estate sale which also included carvings from Iryan Java and possibly an old tiki bar. The piece definitely looks more impressive than the B/W photo in the B.O.T.
Thx again 4 the replies/ tips.

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