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Treasures From the Deep Opal & Shell Museum, Batemans Bay NSW, Australia (store)

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Name:Treasures From the Deep Opal & Shell Museum
Street:142 Beach Rd
City:Batemans Bay NSW
Phone:+61 244727248

Probably one of the only places in Australia where you can pick up a taxidermied pufferfish, fishing net by the metre, dried starfish and multitudes of shells in the one place. No Tikis to be seen, but plenty of Tapa, bamboo and fish floats on the walls and ceilings to complenent the great displays. The Opal section is rather small, the main event is definitely the "Treasures from the deep".

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Kane Tiki - That place is beautiful. Reminds me of the shell shops I used to go to as a kid in the 1960s and 70s. I would love to have old-school glass cases like against every wall of my house, all filled with interesting collections and dioramas. Who needs a sofa and other furniture? Right?

Good stuff. I am reminded of some of my favorite Beachcomber light concepts: The Oceanic Arts "Sea Life" lamps:

I was lucky enough to obtain the last lamp in this style from O.A. in the 90s - but mine is WITHOUT the inside diorama, because the bottle is frosted inside, to make the light bulb glow more softly. Here is another style from their catalogue, unfortunately one cannot make out the details inside, but the descriptions are telling:

Mini underwater dioramas - what a cool concept for a lamp! The only place I ever saw one of these in situ was at the Royal Hawaiian in Laguna Beach - in its original incarnation, of course.

Also, whenever I see a place like the one above I am reminded of the greatest sea shell store of them all, also gone:

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