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Six Foot Old Tiki Found-Help Identify

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I found this Tiki at a consignment shop. They were not sure what the history was. They thought it was either from a restaurant or a 60's surf movie prop. The owner was supposed to call me with more info but I have not heard back yet.

I will post any info from the owner as soon as I hear back....in the meantime if anyone recognizes it let us know....Mahalo

hey, thats my long lost family tiki!, how did they get that?. it was stolen years ago..........how much to get it back?

Looks like an O.A. tiki(on the Leroy tip)

Whatever it's origin, it's a very cool tiki!

Good Find!!!!!!

Thats a great tiki. Hope somebody can give you info on him. If not, make up a cool story.

Tell people that come over that he is the "Tiki of Money" and to leave a dollar on him and it will bring them good luck.

Can't hurt.

Erich Troudt

He reminds me a bit of the second tiki down on this post a while back:

Here's the photo:


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Thanks everybody.....haven't heard from the owner yet. Must have been outside for awhile....fairly fresh plant material in the cracks abou a foot up, bottom kind of rotted, white and red paint missing in a lot of areas.....If I don't hear back from the lady I may rent a bunch of 60s surf movies and look for Tikis.

This is all the owner knows......she bought it from a guy that worked for the studios.....he said it was a prop from a surf movie in the late 50s early sixties, she did not know which studio he worked for and he could not remember the movie......

Congrats on a great find!!

tHat guy is awesome, congrats! wHich Antique mall did you pick him up from? A couple days watching 60's surf movies searching for your tiki, sounds like an awesome weekend to me!

Chikitiki was right. Stopped by Oceanic Arts a few weeks ago and Leroy said "looks like one of ours". He didn't remember who he carved it for.

I saw this tiki in person, and it is way cool. What's even cooler is Ron and Mickee's pad. This house is on the money inside and out, very crisp! I hear we are gonna invade it next summer.

Great score Ron. It does look like a Leroy, design much like the one at the Tiki Lounge in Modesto. You are very fortunate to have it.


WOW! she is BEAUTIFUL......the Tiki is too! Thanks for the pic of that Tiki you sent me!


I cant even find a damn mug!

Chikitiki-JT-Gecko.....thanks, yes we hope to unveil the "Rincon Room" next year if all goes well and everyone will be invited to see this tiki and the one Danny carved for us, and some Gecko panels too......Flounder....we may uncover the occaisional treasure but you (and others) possess something better....talent in the arts! That is something I do not have....

The Rincon Room, What a great name!
The Tiki is neat too. What a great score.


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Reminded me of an old post I put up regarding a tiki on Buffy The Vampire Slayer... looks very close to yours... that would make this one an Oceanic Arts work too right...?


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