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Bamboo Room, Sea Bright, NJ (bar)

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Name:Bamboo Room
Street:4 Ocean Avenue
City:Sea Bright


I found some information and photos on line about the pre-Tiki Bamboo Room bar that was located in the Sea Bright beach area of New Jersey.

The original Bamboo Room bar was built by William Sandlass in the early 1900s.

William Sandlass had traveled to Cuba and brought back a considerable amount of bamboo. This bamboo was used to construct the Bamboo Gardens, an outdoor theater called an Airdrome that were popular around World War I, as well as the Bamboo Bar.

The bar was damaged by a hurricane in 1938 and moved.

Here are some photos from the 1940s and 1950s of the bar.

Lots of bamboo, some fish floats and some murals on the walls.

Some paper items with the owners.


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