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Forbidden Inn & Tiki Room, Bellingham, WA (restaurant)

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Name:Forbidden Inn & Tiki Room
Street:206 W. Holly
Status: Defunct


This is probably one of those one-hit-wonders. Love the graphics on this matchbook from the Forbidden Inn and Tiki Room in Bellingham, Washington.

Nice A-Frame.

Nice Tiki.

A research job for TC agents up north.


[ Edited by: Dustycajun 2012-02-09 07:38 ]


Wait, wait... There's a vintage tiki room in Bellingham that's still open? Are we certain!?

Bellingham is an hour's drive north of here. I go up about once a year, but usually only to see friends, and I haven't explored much-- which is unusual for me. I MUST find this place - and order some drinks! If I'm very lucky (which I'm usually not) maybe they still have a mug or two "in the back."


My apologies. The Tiki Room is no longer there, I entered that part of the description incorrectly. There may be some news photo or phone book ad records around.



On 2012-02-09 07:32, TorchGuy wrote:
Wait, wait... There's a vintage tiki room in Bellingham that's still open? Are we certain!?

Today it's a China Delight Restaurant, according to Google anyway. Still might be worth checking out to see if any of the architecture is intact as there is a thin line between tiki bar and Chinese restaurant.


The info I can find - the ONLY info - says this is currently a restaurant called China Delight. No photos. No reviews. Nothing.

And, oddly, the block it's on, but nothing around it, is blank on Google Maps street view. Malfunction or something.

But now, I know exactly where this is, and my friends live two blocks away.


I'll go check it out anyway. I still need to trawl some of Seattle's older Chinese restaurants, too.

I'd say there's very little, if anything, left of this tiki restaurant in Bellingham. I believe the space is now part of the Wild Buffalo nightclub. If you look at this photo, it would be the area to the left, which is now a bar for the club, and in the far back corner, it's an area where touring bands usually set up their merch table.

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