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Adios Europe! : (

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my thoughts are a bit muddled & there are a zillion & one things i gotta do before tomorrow morning, but i figured i should write something brief about my time here in london before i move back to the states:

i've been very fortunate & have been able to travel A LOT while living here. & let's just say that there's really no reason for an american to come to europe for tiki alone, but if here, you wouldn't be disappointed: tiki can be found in all its glory - you just have to explore a bit (which is what makes it fun, eh).

that said, spain's tiki bars are great. heck, spain's great! the trader vics' in london & munich are gorgeous & the tiki room in stockholm is a great example of young affecianados ensuring that the tiki torch remains blazing!

furthermore, it's funny that some (but not all) of my favorite places that i've visited have had tiki bars:

barcelona, bilbao, stockholm, munich ...

the few european tiki enthusiasts i've met are brilliant & truly committed (or at least need to be!).

& the best thing about being a tiki enthusiast in europe has been, of course, the great folks i've met!


i'd like to sincerely thanks tiki adam for hanging out at tiki room in stockholm on that snowy night this past winter!


& if the andrews sister is still lurking about: hey! i hope you are well. emi & i would love to hear from you.


futuragirl & cb howlie: it was fun being able to hang out & share our little slice of tiki w/ you.


& i'd really like to say that trader woody is a kick ass guy w/ a wealth of tiki knowledge & wisdom & a great friend.


in closing:

if i could stay, i would. if i can move back, i will.

i hope my euro reports have entertained & enlightened - experiencing the best of what european tiki has to offer has certainly been entertaining & enlightening for me!

tiki chris

[ Edited by: Tiki Chris on 2003-06-13 08:41 ]

Tiki Chris and Em, too,

London will not be the same without you, but New York will be better with you there, Hope we can bend an elbow again back in the states. And remember, you always have a friendly place to stay in L.A.


Don't be so sad, NYC tiki needs you! Plus, Brit in Da Hut is British.
Also, Thanks for the nj review. it's perfect! ( I'm still working on the guide.)
Manic Cat (Len Ho)

Tiki Chris, you snuck in there before me.

What the Tiki Central world might not realise is how little Tiki in Europe is documented. I've been doing my little bit in trying to track down Tiki in Europe, but Tiki Chris in his too-short time here has picked out Tiki gems from the most unlikely of places.

Chris has got the thirst for knowledge & exploration that allowed Captain Cook to allow the Western world to experience Tiki for the fist time. While others staying in London would content themselves to getting to know the city, Chris and his lovely wife Emi have probaly spent more weekends on mainland Europe than in Britain; forever chasing hints of Tiki. They have picked up huge amounts of Tiki information, but perhaps more importantly they have developed a love for the different countries of Europe, particularly Spain.

Their stay here has been far too short, but I hope that they will be back soon for us all to stomp the European turf in search of Tiki.

More importantly, my wife and I are proud to call Chris and Emi great friends, and would like to think that this is one of Tiki Central's success stories.

Trader Woody

If you're leaving tomorrow then there's a postcard from Las Vegas you might never get.

Hey Woofmutt,

Tiki Chris is in Italy for a couple of weeks, but has a day or two back in London on his return, so he should be able to pick up the card then. (I'm sending a couple of photos there too, so I hope that's the case!)

Trader Woody

On 2003-06-16 07:53, Trader Woody wrote:
Hey Woofmutt,

Tiki Chris is in Italy for a couple of weeks, but has a day or two back in London on his return, so he should be able to pick up the card then. (I'm sending a couple of photos there too, so I hope that's the case!)

Trader Woody

ciao bello! the in-laws here in napoli are fine & as crazy as ever. unfortunately, the mai tiki pizzeria is no more. found a pub/pizzeria called kon tiky in palinuro (beach town south of salerno) but the only thing tiki about it was the name.

grazie per tutti (more later)

[ Edited by: Tiki Chris on 2003-06-30 12:34 ]

unfortunately, the mai tiki pizzeria is no more.

actually (when i consider the mistake i made some months back when posting about the aloha bar in barcelona), what i should say is that the mai tiki is no longer in the same piazza in napoli that it was a couple of years ago when i first saw it. whether or not it still exists at a new location is unknown to me.

back in london (for a day & a half), got yr pcard. thanks.


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