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Beachcomber, Darwin, NT, Australia (bar)

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Street:Located n the "Welcome Koala Inn", Smith Street
City:Darwin, NT

A forgotten Australian tiki bar, oddly, located in one of Australia's most remote towns. Opened in 1975, closed... who knows? Most likely only open for a few years at most. I have the matchbooks below (apologies for the bad scan). I've seen very little other evidence of it's existence except this job ad in google news archive that confirms a 1975 opening date:


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A few more bits and pieces from the internet.

From a facebook post about a fellow by the name of Ismail Rachman:

"So, after deciding to stay in Darwin Sonny’s first job was as a barman at the old Beachcomber Bar at the old Koala Hotel in Smith Street. He really liked this job, and gained many new friends chatting with people from all walks of life. He also gained something else, his nickname, the name we all know him by today; that is, Sonny. Sonny did not really know why his customers started calling him that, but thinks it might have been because of his small stature and his big sunny smile. Either way the name stuck."


And the below picture from http://fishingterritory.com/barramundi-banter-f10033/old-timers-t27858.html which may be an interior shot. If only the commentary from the forum users was decipherable!

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