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Hawaiian Eye (or "I"), Duarte, CA (restaurant)

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Name:Hawaiian Eye (or "I")
Street:1846 E Huntington Drive
Phone:EL 8-9934

(from inside matchbook cover) "Exciting cuisine in the charming atmosphere of old Hawaii. Seafood at its finest EXOTIC RUM DRINKS. Your Host: RANDALL RAYMONDE".

Here is the matchbook front and back:

I hope it has not been posted before. I tried to do a search and didn't find anything. I just got it in a batch of new tiki matchbook covers and thought I'd share it.


From the Pasadena Independent 3/30/1962, "Grand Opening of the Polynesian Bar." A few drinks listed were the Plantation Punch, Cobras Fang, Scorpion Bowl and Navy Grog.

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After discussion and comparison of the signs graphics, the buildings architecture and the faux pier pillars in this photo and what's currently at this address it was the consensus that this was from the Duarte Hawaiian I.

Where you could "Enjoy tantalizing Hawaiian music -featuring the exotic native dancer - "Lei Maka."

The restaurant opened in Nov. 1961 but by 1966 this address listed the Kat Patch a topless tavern.

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