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Polynesian World, St. Louis, MO (restaurant)

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Name:Polynesian World
Street:Executive International Inn
City:St. Louis


I tried to win these two dinner and drink menus from the Polynesian World restaurant on ebay a while back and grabbed the images. From the menu graphics and fonts used, it was obviously a 1970s era place.

The back of the menu indicated that the restaurant was located at the Executive International Inn. I could find no info on this place.

The drink menu starts with the old-school Romance of Rum Story.

And uses the classic Mild, Medium, Strong and Large categories with a great variety of mugs.

Some interesting twists on the drink names

Rain Killer
Dr. Fumanchu
Mystic Lamp
Aku Aku Coconut
Tiki Bowl

The dinner menu with some nice graphics

Now here is an interesting little twist. I spotted this matchbook from a strange sounding place called La Coney Island that was also located in St. Louis. It used two of the same graphics from the menus.

Maybe someone out there knows a little more about this one?


interesting, that would have been 10 blocks from the trader vic's and operating at the same time. http://www.tikicentral.com/viewtopic.php?topic=32481&forum=2

Deech posted on Thu, Sep 12, 2013 1:24 PM

Hey All! Came by to bump this back up.

Google now has a tour of the inside of India Palace. Lots of the original tiki architecture is still there.

Check it: Google View

It's still open, the food is good and it's totally worth seeing.

Ha! Pretty amazing, all the bones are still there. Looks like an Orchids of Hawaii job.

I'm saddened to report that as of a couple of months ago, the last traces of Polynesian World have officially been stripped unfortunately. India Palace moved down the road to new digs and the hotel scrapped everything left.

As soon as I heard they were moving, I made a couple of attempts through e-mail to talk to someone about what they were going to do to the space to no avail. About a month after that, I seen a couple of overhead tiki light fixtures pop up on Craigslist that I totally recognized as being from there. Unfortunately, they were asking a bit much and they were certainly not my first choices of decor so I moved on. about another month went by and I heard the new India Palace was opening so I contacted the Craigslist seller to see if he had others that he hadn't listed. He responded back that he didn't and that the few he HAD listed were also gone.

So I called the hotel to see if I could work out a deal for salvage. Management actually called me back and told me it was all stripped and thrown in a huge dumpster and had they knew I was interested a week prior, they would've just let me come and take whatever I wanted. So sad!

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