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Hawaiian Shirts for TC Ladies?

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I was checking the TC archives real quick in answer to this question last night and couldn't find anything. Do most of the TC ladies wear Hawaiian shirts to the TC functions? I'm a short petite person that wears a size 2-4, which makes it difficult sometimes to find clothing in my size. I don't own any Hawaiian shirts but I do own a few print dresses. I'd love to wear a Hawaiian print shirt however I truly believe a men's small would be too large and although I can occasionally wear a childs XL, they seem to be cut too small. Any suggestions?

From what I've seen at events, mostly us chicks stick to dresses. I actually think they're more fun than shirts, but my primary motivation is what you described -- shirts just don't come in my size. Keep patrolling eBay, I got my first aloha shirt from TikiVixen (who sells under filmnoirgoddess) that way, and it fits perfectly! If you go through some of the photos from events, you'll get an idea of the wide variety of fantastic fashions people pull out (3+ daily costume changes were not uncommon at the Oasis!). It's a great opportunity to have some fun, but it's not a competition -- if all you've got is an ill-fitting muumuu, it's no matter as long as you bring the aloha, baby!

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I know how frustrating the hawaiian shirt issue can be for women. Except for a small sized one I got from Shelley, most look too blah on a small frame. But Atomic Cocktail might be designing more options for women soon. You may have seen the hawaiian print halter tops I've worn. But sometimes it's too cold for such a top and he's working on a warmer alternative to it as well.

I find that silk chinese tops also work well in a tiki environment and they are usually more flattering to small frames. You might still be able to find an inexpensive one at your local thrift shop.

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You could take a men's or unisex shirt to a seamstress/tailor and have it made more shapely. Or pick any sewing pattern for a fitted ladies' shirt and have it custom made for you in an aloha print. (No, I don't know how much that kind of thing costs. . . .)

I'm learning to sew. I just finished my first shirt--just a basic, boxy camp shirt, but in a floral fabric I like, with shell buttons cannibalized from an 80-cent thrift shop shirt. It came out OK (i.e., doesn't look obviously homemade). I'm hoping I can learn to customize the fit more for the next one--or I'll try a more fitted pattern. Then I have visions of making a matching aloha shirt and skirt. . . .

I remember Tikifish saying something about this a while back. She thought teatimers were the best choice for women. Here's a pic of one:

Another possibility is a ladies Shirt-tail in a Hawaiian print-very popular back in the day. Here's a pic illustrating the cut:


Ebay, the best free picture source on the Internet!

Another good pic is on Page 21 of "The Aloha Shirt" by Dale Hope.

Of course ladies, if you would like something custom made I'm sure I can accommodate (guys, that goes for you all too!)Here's an outfit I made for Vintagegirl:


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