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Driftwood Room, Los Angeles, CA (restaurant)

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Name:Driftwood Room
Street:Seventh at Broadway
City:Los Angeles


I picked up this old menu shaped like a rum jug from the Driftwood Room that was located in the Hotel Lankershim at Seventh and Broadway in downtown LA.

Some nice south seas graphics from this early pre-Tiki place

The drinks.

Close up of the exotics.

The back of the menu is cool with liquors from around the world - look at all of those rums!

Here is another menu type

With a slightly different drink list (they added the Driftwood and the Trade Wind to the Zombie)

The graphics were also used on a matchbook, although the woman became more Wahine and less African in style.

Love the addition of the Martini glass!


I like that the menu has the shape of an old jug, very Beachcomber-style:

Cool little ad from the Driftwood Room circa 1940.


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