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Chi-Chi Club, Salt Lake City, UT (bar)

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Name:Chi-Chi Club
Street:Fourth South & Main
City:Salt Lake City

I acquired a few items from a pre-Tiki place in Salt Lake City called the Chi-Chi Club. The bar in the club was called the Bamboo Bar.

Here is the table topper menu.

It looks like it was OK to sell beer in Utah at the time.

But you had to bring in your own liquor bottle and buy mixers.

The inscription on the menu is from a couples honeymoon in January 1943.

Here is the matchbook.

With a rendering of the Bamboo Bar.

Hmmmm, I have seen a similar image somewhere else.

The Aloha Club in Martinez perhaps?

I don't think there was any relation to the Palm Springs location. Probably not much else to find out about this one.



Searching the internet brought up a little more information...

another matchbook though much less interesting,

a souvenir photo cover,

and a picture to put in it!

and this information...

A number of people mentioned that this was "the" club to go to in the '40's.

(if you look closely at the glasses they appear to be decorated)

Can't see much for decor besides some bamboo, what looks like a tapa-like pattern and some sort of paintings on the walls.

aloha, tikicoma

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