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Mollinesian, El Cajon, CA (motel)

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Street:650 North Mollison Avenue
City:El Cajon

I have always been curious about the Mollinesian Motel after seeing this postcard image in the Book Of Tiki.

What's with the name "Mollinesian"? Well, the motel was located on Mollison Avenue in El Cajon, so there you go.

Close up of the sign with a cool little Tiki mask feature.

I have seen a few other postcards

Here is the A-Frame by the pool. You can see a lava rock wall and a little Tiki mask on the wall.

The A-Frame-lamp theme seems to be borrowed from the Half Moon Inn, also located in San Diego.

And the beginning of the end when the motel was purchased by Best Western.

The first thing that changes is a big corporate logo plastered on the cool sign.

It is still operating as a Best Western.


On 2012-05-01 12:59, Dustycajun wrote:
It is still operating as a Best Western.

...only that the sign and building look slightly different now:

But wait! The original Denny's is still across the street!:


Wow, that's about as depressing as it gets. They even filled in the pool.

It exists. It's still a motel. It's even still open for business, but its presence here is clearly just for history. Are "operational" and "defunct" the only allowed status values for this forum? We need something like "renovated beyond recognition" for locations like this. I've thought the same about Critiki to.

On 2012-05-02 15:47, kenbo-jitsu wrote:
We need something like "renovated beyond recognition" for locations like this.

Great idea, I agree.



I agree as well. Saying that this place is "operational" gives a false impression. I think FUBAR might be a good additional category.

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I picked up an oversized postcard from the Mollinesian with a few more views.

The sign had been modified by now.

The interior rooms boasted waterbeds and custom d├ęcor.

And the A-Frame by the pool.



I've always wondered about the name as well. Like..is there some "nesia" I've overlooked?? Polynesia, Micronesia, Melanesia, Indonesia...nope, I think that cover it. Don't know where Mollinesia is. Maybe the owners name was Molly? But seeing on the very first postcard, obiously, it's a combination of "Polynesian" with the street name it's located on.

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