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Finding Nemo video game tikis...

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Found this today:

I love this movie!

Hey Chris, howzit going? I finally got a few hours off work last weekend to see Nemo and I was floored by how amazing it looked - and it had tikis to boot! I'm dying to see it again before it leaves the big theater by my work. As a CG person myself I'm thrilled that Pixar's work is so golden that I can forget I'm watching computer graphics and just enjoy the visuals and the story.
I just picked up the "Art of" book, too, which is extra cool since it has some friends' work in it.


I'm just constantly amazed by the quality that comes out of Pixar - what a great film!

Things are good! We are working on a documentary of the L.A. Zoo here at work & on some new puppet characters for Sheri Lewis (Lambchop, etc.) daughter, Mallory...
Oh yeah - just bought a house & our daughter is due in late August!
Busy busy busy....

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