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Davy Jones Locker, Waikiki, HI (bar)

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Name:Davy Jones Locker
Street:Reef Hotel

Davy Jones Locker was the classic underwater pool bar located at the Reef Hotel in Waikiki.

Here are some old postcards showing the bar and the view.

This card shows an updated view, looks like some lava rock style molding added to the pool columns.

Close up of the ladies... and some Tiki mugs hiding behind the bar.

The hotel was now the Outrigger.

And the mermaid mug that was used there.

Here is a matchbook published after the Reef became the Outrigger Hotel. The name of the bar is now Davy Jones Locker II

Finally, an old photo that shows some Tiki poles and a paiting of the mermaid.



On 2012-05-06 10:01, Dustycajun wrote:
Finally, an old photo that shows some Tiki poles and a paiting of the mermaid.


Picked up another nice mermaid matchbook from Davy Jones Locker

And saw this cool little table card for the Hawaiian Happy Hour. All of the tourist standards.

What a fun place this must have been to cool off after a hot Hawaiian day.


Cool Dustycajon!!! :D. You sure do dig up alot of history. Wonder if The Wreck Bar in Florida got the idea from this bar? Great job on finding all this history. I enjoy it. :)

The genre of underwater girlie shows is actually much older, as the history in this text about Dali's 1939 "Dream of Venus" Worlds Fair exhibit shows. Mermaid tail manufacturer William M. Gardner from Pittsburg was one of Dali's exhibit sponsors:

More info, and cool U-Tube footage:

There is some decent Davy Jones bar footage included in the 1978 pornography "The Eruption".

*unable to post some PG stills pics

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