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Idea for your Tiki bar guests

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although my personal basement Tiki bar is still a few years away; i thought i would share an idea that i had. (i may not be the first to post something like this. if i am not, i apologize).

anyways the idea is this: any guests that you would consider "regulars" have their own Tiki mugs. it gets even better, when your friends get mugs that mean something to them. for example: my one friend has one with her sorority's name on it. another couple will be using two different sized Munktiki Moai mugs.

i just thought this might get some
non-Tikiphiles into the spirit a little bit. it also is a good way to keep your more rare mugs protected.

That's a damned fine idea D....I think our guests would love it.

If it's the same person drinking from the same mug each time, maybe you wouldn't have to wash them so often and risk a chip in the sink. Ha.

Yes, very good idea. Some sushi bars do the same thing, just with Sake Boxes. Once you become a regular at some sushi bars (that actually participate in saving regulars' sake boxes), they give you a sake box and often ask you to decorate it as you wish. It's then stored for you, usually on display behind the senior chef's station.

It's always a good feeling to come in and be greeted with your sake box ready to drink! (at least it was for me in my pre-diabetic days...too much sugar in sake for me now).

Again, a great idea!

FYI, for those not familiar with sake boxes and why it's easy to decorate them...they're wood!

That's a great idea for home bars.
Here's a slight variation. Last weekend, I donated an old Hawaiian Inn mug (the paddle sucker) to the bar tender at the hotel lounge. I had previously donated another Hawaiian Inn mug to him. Now, whenever we stop in for a drink or go to the show, I can be served in an authentic mug -- plus they have recovered a little of their historic past for other patrons to admire.
When I gave Frank (the bar tender) the mugs, he was really appeciative.
Now, if I can just convince them to buy mugs from Tiki Farm and sell them with the drinks...

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