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Where's Rodney Dangerfield when you need him?

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Somebody liven up this place, will ya?

I'm not a comic but try this out.....

Take a 2" dia. piece of Bamboo approx. 6" long with a node on each side and soak it in water for 1/2 a day. Then, go to a buddies' pad and toss it into the fireplace during a party.

That'll liven up the place!!!


Why did the chicken cross the road?

To get away from the exploding fireplace!!!!


That's your answer to everything Ben.

Youuuu,. You've worn your welcome out here at Bushwood

I wanted to make "BamBoom Ben" t-shirts for the 4th o july with the description for "legal bombs" on em' but I'm running out of time!

Yes, that is my answer for all things, Mr. Lucky. Have you ruined some sorry saps date nite yet in newport?

Mr. Beachcomber. Dude! A few of those loaded with black powder would be sweet!(was there any Boo in Iraq?)

And, Mr. Basement, if my friend Chalmer, was not so busy nowdays (he used to play bass for the Vandals back in the day but now is a family man) and I could get him to post, he'd be rippin off one liners left and right! He is the bastard child that Rodney never had!!!

Any TC out there have any one liners????


A pirate walk into a bar and says...oh, crap- wrong thread.

It's official: one-liners are uncool.

Ben, was that him playing "Ballad Of Pat Brown" in Suburbia?

Yes, there was much boom in Iraq. Them bastards shot scuds at my bunk everyday. Hey Kuhuna, "Who made you Pope of dis dump anyway?"

Pope? HA! I doubt I'm worthy of the status of even altarboy. I'm just a peeon..(I AM, however, the guy who drank all of the communion wine; why do you think they're serving grape juice...Groundskeeper?

Oh, you wanted- "TIKI CENTRAL...A DUMP?? YOU'LL NEVVVVER BE A MEMBER"-c-The Quotable Caddyshack.

What are the Iranians getting all burnt out about in France?

(wouldn't that be 'flambe'?)

"You musta been somethin' before electricity"

Look at her, all those curves and me with no brakes!!!

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