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"Shecky" EBAY sale apology

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I would just like to apologize to the members of Tiki Central for my selling of "Shecky" last month. I did so only because of my wifes car having unexected engine failure. I had to part with a few of my valued tiki mugs, but I know he went to a good home. I've been afraid to say anything since then, for fear of the wrath of many TC members. Hopefully you will all understand and not hold it against me. As fate or luck would have it, not long after the sale, I found out I had a kidney stone...How's that for Karma??!! So, in the end Shecky won. I hope you all will allow me to continue on after this incident. Thanks.

Personally, I was bummed that it went so high I could not afford it! You are going to miss that Shecky, and that is pain enough. A rare and splendid mug!

I know, I think about it all the time when I read posts about "Shecky's" Travels. It sucks when you have to get rid of something that cool for something as UNCOOL as repairing a dodge neon! ACK!

Pages: 1 2 replies