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Hi, a friend of mine recommended this site and I can see why. Just signed up tonight and wanted to say hello!


Welcome to Tiki Central!

We hope you find TC somewhat like a regular family:

Some you love,
Some you hate,
Some you listen to,
Some you ignore.
Some that make no sense,
Some that seem wise beyond their years.

Through the thick & thin, just like a family, no matter what, we're always here!

So sit back, have a cocktail, and as fellow TC member "Gecko" say's in true Hawaiian fashion: "let's talk story!"

Aloha Tiki Baloo and Welcome to the Tribe!


Sayin' Hi from the East Syduahhhhh!


Hiya, and welcome to the 'ohana. I'm here in Seattle, too. If you'd like to meet up with some other local tikiphiles, I'll be at Thaiku in Ballard next Tuesday to hear one of our own, Selector Lopaka, spin some Exotica. Swing on by and say hi.

That goes for you, too, woofmutt! I dare you!

Welcome. Love the name. Baloo has to be one of my all time favorite Disney characters.

You are wise to start with an intro email. I sort of snuck in the back door and just started posting. The welcome wagon here is stellar and I missed it.

Humuhumu and the Seattle crew will take good care of you.

New Blood.....I can smell it in the air.






Welcome aboard!

Thanks for the warm welcome!

Pages: 1 8 replies