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Polynesian Gardens, Pomona, CA (apartments)

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Name:Polynesian Gardens
Street:150 West Foothill Blvd

I just got this postcard showing the architect's rendering of the Polynesian Gardens apartments in Pomona.

These types of apartment postcards are pretty hard to come by, so I was happy to find it.

Some close ups of the Poly Pop elements

(Is that a volcano hut on the left?)

The complex is still there

But unfortunately it fell to the dreaded Taco Bell Tuscany style remodel and is now called Terramonte.


Nice find, any paper ephemera on Tiki apartments is rare indeed. These block-sized bungalow complexes were often architecturally not as impressive as courtyard apartment buildings, but the A-frame entrance on Drake street looks like it was cool once, and I wonder if there are still remnants of the waterfall/volcano by the pool there.

It doesn't look like anything is left of the "volcano", if it was even built to begin with.

Google Maps

Looking at the rendering, I'm having trouble even figuring out what it's supposed to be. Is it a structure or what?

Guess I mixed up the entrance doing my internet archeology :)

It was supposed to be a volcano, which most likely worked like a waterfall. Even though "Tiki villages" were quite elaborate in their landscaping features, and they did have gas torches aflame, I have not found definitive proof of a working (i.e. smoking or flaming) volcano. Something to ask O.A.
See the rendering of the Pele Apartments on page 212 of the BOT for reference.

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