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T.C. Tiki Mascot (?)

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Hello Fellow Centralites,
I don’t know if this is corny or not and not to jump on the drink contest bandwagon, or to step on T.C. management’s feet, but what do you suppose if we had a Tiki mascot (cartoony) with (not going to use the word "cool")a catchy name. I'm sure a few of you are freelance graphic artists out there, and we vote on a name once we decide on a character.

Just Wondering:
Unga Bunga


Unga Bunga,
We already have a mascot, Shecky. Do a search on that name to get all the details. I'm afraid that all the mugs of Shecky are gone, however.

I think someone is trying to be funny.

I've seen better looking mascots.

(Shecky Greene - night club performer)

Pages: 1 3 replies