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Headed to TIKI BOB's in Greenville tonight

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Hey TC members I am headed to the Tiki Bob's in Greenville S.C. tonight (Jun 19th). I should be in Greenville around 9pm so if anyone would like to meet me drop me a line on my Cell 706-664-1264. Hope to see you all there.


How unfortunate. :( If you need to come by my place afterwards and take an authentic Mai Tai shower to decontaminate, let me know.

Dave was right about this place. It is a dance club with tiki decor. The tikis were not that bad (made of soft pine!) and the back bar in the far end of the building is pretty cool with the tikis that have their eyes back lit. But the bar is anything but a real tiki place. My buddy in Greenville says that it changes themes about every year. I told him to let me know when it closes so that we can all get the decorations. Oh well, too bad I did not need a jello shot or body/titty shot or wanted to dance to Sir Mix-a-lot. Love you guys.

Tiki Bob's seems to be a chain bent on spreading a warped senses of Tiki across America. The Seattle chapter is having a foam party this week. How wacky.

I just wish that these places would get the drinks right (or at least have some tropical drinks) but I guess that is too much to ask of the "Cuervo shots out of the belly-button" crowd. (Not that I am opposed to belly shots or anything)

Sorry you had to experience that, Brad. I'm also sorry I was out late and didn't get to meet up with you but I'm not too sorry I missed a visit to TB's.
Actually... Thursday nights in Greenville are weird enough without me being there to complicate things. They should pay me to stay out in the boonies on Thursday and not come into town and drive all the chicks wild!
I actually don't think there's a decent lounge in the entire town. A few decent bars and a whole buncha fine beer joints, for sure! Nowhere, though, that I'd want to order anything as complex and/or confusing (or as easy to mess up) as a Zombie. Keep in mind, too, that SC still uses Mini-Bottles. It's kind of like being on an Airplane except that you end up in the same miserable place that you started out in. It's pretty much impossible to mix a decent cocktail that contains anymore than one or two liquors when you are forced to pour exactly 1.75 oz. of anything that goes into the drink.

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Tiki Bob's seems to be a chain bent on spreading a warped senses of Tiki across America. The Seattle chapter is having a foam party this week. How wacky. -woofmutt- (Hey that's ME!)

Those of us in the know (that sure as hell oughtta include anyone readin' this) don't need any more reasons to hate Tiki Bob's, but the always fabulous dogbytes just sent me a link from Seattle's The Stranger "Seattle's Only Newspaper".

The below excerpt is from the Bar Exam column, a weekly bar review column written by Bethany Jean Clement, a talented writer with a sharp eye for the smaller details and curiosities of bar life and an excellent sense for what makes a good bar.

The full piece is HERE

*"...Cinco de Mayo girl-on-girl Jell-O wrestling at Tiki Bob's...There were "Corona girls" in short skirts, an exhortative KISW DJ, a blind Native American guy drinking Budweiser whom the DJ referred to repeatedly as "Crazy Horse," tequila shots, and, eventually, Jell-O wrestling...

...The idea of people in swimsuits wrestling in a pool of Jell-O contains, incontrovertibly, pure joy. That it always has to be women is demoralizing, but in no way as demoralizing as the actual event at Tiki Bob's. No one appeared to enjoy it. At all.

Lights swirled, classic rock played, the DJ exhorted, the crowd gathered around a low inflatable pool filled with strawberry Jell-O for the "Rojo Rumble." The Jell-O was in a liquid state...

...Two women emerged, both preternaturally buxom and toned, wearing matching bikinis: ringers, clearly. (The DJ never exhorted anyone to sign up.) The audience gave a pallid welcome, the Jell-O was entered, and the "wrestling" began. The women tried not to get their hair Jell-O-y while daintily Going Wild: showily, lightly, dispassionately spanking each other and likewise dry-humping. The audience looked on passively and silently, as if watching a computer screen. Some guys robotically snapped camera-phone photos. The DJ called the wrestlers "babygirls," made jokes about breast implants, and (belying his youthful-from-a-distance appearance) exclaimed "Heavens to Murgatroyd!"

No audience anywhere has ever responded more tepidly to anything. At the end, four women had wrestled in Jell-O for the purported greater entertainment good, and no one could be bothered to clap. A winner was arbitrarily selected, the sham of a sham drew to a close, and I was unable to stay to talk to any of the participants due to suicidal/omnicidal ideation.

The American pageant of objectification has reached its natural conclusion..."* -Bethany Jean Clement-

Damn, she didn't tell us how the Mai Tais were!

Here's a drive by camera shooting out of my car of the old Tiki Bob's Cantina in Greensville, SC earlier this week. Closed and later turned to Dixie's and that bar is closed. After reading this thread we all knew this so-called tiki joint would not make it. Kind of figured that out with the name, Polynesian/Mexican, one knew the owner didn't get it. Hope I put this location to rest for good. Now must go to do the same at Critiki.

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