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Paul the Beachcomber

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Yes Paul Lynde, A.K.A. The Center Square and Uncle Arthur, a hilarious guy who died way too soon.

In a recent visits to Redondo Beach's Tony's on the Pier and The Warehouse in Marina Del Rey I noticed they both had pictures of Paul on their walls ~

Warehouse photo by Tiki-Kate.

So based on those two flimsy circumstantial facts I'm saying that Paul was probably a fan of "The Beachcomber Style" or maybe just tropical drinks and crab cakes? Whichever way it only makes me like him more.

His home although nice doesn't fit the style though -

but I'm sure more than one of you would gladly post his wicker sofa in Tiki Finds. :roll:

From http://www.paullynde.info

I wonder if Beachbum Burt's or the Don's in Marina Del Rey had photo walls? I'll have to make a trip to Gladstones in Malibu to look at their photo wall, hopefully the recent remodel didn't kill it? :o

nice work!

In the words of Paul Lynde "Oh my Goodness!"

"Heavens to Murgatroid"

whatever the hell that meant.

Good work Boris,


From the photos above, looks like both those locations had a pleasant experience with Mr. Lynde.

Alas, his career and life has it's ups and downs and dark sides....

TV Party: Paul Lynde

wow, what a way to go.


A scene from the Simpsons with a character based on Paul Lynde.

YouTube: Simpsons-Radioactive Man

Where else but The Simpsons would they parody the Batman TV show and a comment that Paul Lynde made on Hollywood Square!?

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