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Dave Attel goes to Burt's Tiki Bar

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I just saw Dave Attel on his show go into Burt's Tiki Bar in Utah. Looks like lots of hanging bamboo and thatch but not a whole lotta tiki. Pretty much like the James' 'Road Trip' says.
Chick punk band on stage. Big mowhawks. I think their name was something like 'Pissing on rocks'. There was also a blond midget there that had a seat belt on her bar stool. You won't find that at the Royal Hawiian.


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We love Insomniac! I was wondering when Dave would make it to a Tiki Bar. Had to miss it last night due to Traffic School, so I'll have to catch the re-run.

F**kin' Cops!

I wish Dave would come to the Newport/ Huntington area. I guess you can e-mail a request and tell him about a club or late night job to get him down to hang with you.

Wouldn't that be crazy? He's not much into fruity drinks though.


i didn't know that you are a dave Attel fan. Shalom and I went to one of his stand-up gigs and met him after the show. Really down-to-earth funny f*cker. I just bought the DVD of his 1st session yesterday.
Len Ho Manic Cat


"I got one more thing I gotta do. C'mon!"


It would be great to have Dave come to one of our OC area tiki bars but they all close frickin' early (Sam's kick us out last week at 11:30!).

Might have to go to Hurricane's for dat one!


Dave cracks me up! Next time in Da City I would love to catch his act if he's around!

(BTW coming to NYC in July - I'll let you know).

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