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Kon Tiki, Hayling Island, England (bar)

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Name:Kon Tiki
Street:Sinah Warren Chalet Hotel
City:Hayling Island


I came across this postcard from the Kon Tiki bar that was located in the Sinah Warren Chalet Hotel on Hayling Island in Hampshire, England.

Good looking pre-Tiki joint. I read that Harry Waren introduced a young Billy Butlins to the Holiday Camp concept. So the Kon Tiki Bar may have been one of the early inspirations for the Butlins Beachcomber bars!


I don't think so as generally accepted inspiration for the Butlins Beachcombers is the Beachcomber Mayfair, as Billy Butlin hired the same company Garnett Cloughley Blakemore that designed the latter.

More likely as Butlins had a tiki bar then all holiday camps had to have one. Even in fictional holiday camp "Maplins" in Hi-De-Hi had a Hawaiian Ballroom.

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