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Okay Tiki Room Fans - Pass this around!!
Walt Disney's Enchanted Tiki Room turns FORTY YEARS OLD this Monday June 23rd. Lots of us are headin' down to Disneyland on Monday to celebrate. Wear your "Tiki-Splendid Best" and we'll take advantage of all the great photo opportunites (just imagine, the Tiki Room filled with an audience all wearin' fancy Aloha shirts! Walt would be proud.) Disneyland has announced a special limited edition Tiki Room wristwatch that will be available that day at the watch shop on Main Street (We've seen 'em --not bad!)
Miehana sure hopes to see you there on Monday! Let's all sing like the birdies sing!

I can't wait! I am planning on celebrating by opening the Tiki Room area of my website on the 23rd! I am SO excited. I am going to pick up an evening shift at the Tiki Room here in Walt Disney World.

(By the way, just for you all, I am giving you the website address. You can't get to it yet unless you know the address. Keep in mind, some links won't work since I am still working out bugs.)


Much Love and ALOHA!
Jason "Tiki" Tackett

Hey Tacket,
Great job! Probably one of the best ones I've seen done on the E.T.R.. Walt would be proud. I am also a website designer.

Here is a little mood ambience for this post.

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