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Happy Birthday HB Tiki

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Woohoo! Happy Birthday HB Tiki. I hope you have a Tiki-rrific Day :)

[ Edited by: WooHooWahine 2012-07-13 08:23 ]

Have a great Birthday Today Roger!!!
Be sure to kick those kids off your lawn!

Happy Birthday, Roger!

Happy Be-lated B-day Roger,
what's with the coats?
I thought we were having a heat wave?



Enjoy being older and wiser and share your wisdom with all the shoppers at Don the Beachcombers tomorrow. Wish we were there to give you a hug. Wendy and Dan

Have a great Birthday today, Roger!

Sorry to wake you up from your nap, old man!
but it's your Birthday.....Sooooo HAPPY BIRTHDAY ROGER!
hope your having some cake & a nice cocktail, buddy.

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