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Name:Golden Tiki apartments - Glendora CA
Street:125 West Meda Ave.

Looks to be from the golden age (no pun) of mid-century apartments. Small complex with very thick foliage, black lava rock wall accents and faux A-frame on front of building. Six tikis counted.

[ Edited by: Marty Lush 2012-07-18 12:05 ]

Don't know a darn thing about'em. Found it by accident. Stopped at a thrift store and parked right in front of the apartments. The foliage was so thick I didn't see the tiki or the name for a minute or two. I was thinking it would make a cool tiki apartment building and BAM! I saw a tiki peeking through the leaves. Fairly well kept place. Two small and old looking tiki masks on the walls by the pool. The doors to each apartment are yellow with very Asian looking brass door handle accents. Lots of lush gardening. faux A-frame on front side of building is flanked by entrances to the complex. There are large tiki masks on the walls on one side of each of the entraces. Two good sized standing tikis inside the complex. They appear to be fairly new. Couldn't find anything on TC about it. So, here ya go.

I'm sure others with more knowledge about it could fill in the blanks.

Here are some photos I took:

street view

Tiki mask flanking one of the entrances to the complex

The sign, which is pretty well hidden by all the foliage

Sounds cool, any photos?

Here is the google street view, you can see part of the sign.

Dang, wish you had posted this earlier, I just drove through that area last weekend.

Oops, jumped the gun on my post. Nice Find!


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Just drove by there again and noticed a "for rent" sign up!!

Stellar discovery, Marty! This is the THIRD "Golden Tiki" Apartments unearthed and posted here: One in Stockton, and one in Arcadia that is no more. Now this one is the only one with the original font still intact!

"The Golden Tiki"!

Here are my earlier musings regarding the subject:

...and here some more visuals I associate with the concept:

I challenge anyone to appear at Oasis as the Goldfinger girl :) (gotta have that sculptured bod, though)

[ Edited by: bigbrotiki 2012-07-18 18:58 ]

Fantastic discovery Marty! The tiki sign is very cool. The tikis don't look that old so it's nice they thought to replace any old ones or add a few new ones. Someone actually cared and that is rare. Nice to see these old temples are still being discovered.

Excellent work Marty! :)

Otto posted on Sun, Aug 5, 2012 7:09 PM

On 2012-07-18 18:53, bigbrotiki wrote:

I challenge anyone to appear at Oasis as the Goldfinger girl :) (gotta have that sculptured bod, though)

[ Edited by: bigbrotiki 2012-07-18 18:58 ]

Oh! There will be a golden girl at Tiki Oasis!
come to the art show opening on Sat


Nice dicovery Marty ! I was born and raised in Glendora and lived there until 1975 ,
and I had never known or heard of this place .I will definitely have to go check it
out the next time I visit .

What are the words to that White Christmas song? "The Best things, happen when you're Thrifting?" I too stumbled across this apartment complex while visiting a local thrift store. I totally called it that there would be a thread here about it. If you love TC for anything, love it for that. Took a couple of horrid camera photos:


I live not too far from here, and use to deliver pizzas all the time to this place!! love it! its nice and quiet, beautiful plants, well kept, and has two cute little bridges across into the main area, all with that early 60s pebble stone walkway!! you truly feel like your on vacation or at a resort in Hawaii, just a neat place!!!!

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