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tabou, paris, france (bar)

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Name:Le tabou
Street:Rue Dauphine

As we know with Sven's books, the intellectuals of the early 20th century, in France, were very attracted to primitive art.

It is not weird then to find out that there were a club, called the Tabou, in the very jazzy and arty neighborhood of the latin Quarter, in Paris. it opened in april 1947, in a cave, and lasted about a year.
The place was not really tiki, but apparently, from pictures I found, there seemed to be bamboo walls, and african masks on the walls.
it was very popular with the existentialists, Journalists, and writers such as Camus, Sartre... and Boris Vian performed there a lot with a jazz orchestra. miles Davis even went there, invited by Vian.

You needed relations to come in, a card delivered by the owner, and it was very popular with actresses, models... And of course, pretty soon, they got bored of the too famous place.

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Boris Vian was a big fan of old cars

from left to right : Gus, Guyonnet, Raymond Queneau, Boris Vian, Michelle Vian, Fran├žois Chevais and Alain Vian

Election of Mister Existentialist, note the bamboo :wink: :

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