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Tiki Gods names

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Could anyone please tell me the names of the following Tiki Gods.
Love, Friend or Friendship.

Tattoo sense tingling...

I wouldn't get too bogged down in thinking that a particular Tiki God 'meant' any of the words you mentioned. Polynesian religion was too diverse to lump a God into the emotive words you picked out. Tiki was hardly a pre-cursor to Care Bears and the like! You'll see Hawaiian Tiki statues described as being the 'money' Tiki and such-like, but it was a crude attempt to put a 20th century spin on something far more complex.

Trader Woody


TraderWoody is quite right in that ancient (and even middle-aged) Hawaiians didn't have exact cause-and-effect names/meanings for various Tikis.

For instance the tiki god Ikali'i'mai'o'oka'ka was the god of love,friend and friendship, but also the god of death, dismemberment and immediate tax audit. It just depended on what mood Mrs. Ikai'i'mai'o'oka'ka was in.

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Thanks,for the info.
Could anyone tell me the Hawaii or Poly. word for friend or friendship.


The proper word in Hawaiian is hoa aloha - but you can call me brah!

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For references to Hawaiian Gods and Folklore check out:

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