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Tiki hut, San Luis Obispo, CA (restaurant)

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Name:Tiki hut
Street:594 California Blvd
City:San Luis Obispo

Thought I would make mention of this place since I think its worth mentioning on TC and searching the forum I did not see any posts of this establisment. Tiki hut has been around for a few years now. They are right off the California Blvd exit in San Luis Obispo. I live about 15min south. Though there is nothing too special going on as far as Tiki is concerned, but they do have Tiki and tropical decor. They have lounge music that plays including Martin Denny which I thought is really cool. I have been going to this place ever since they opened. The thing that makes this place special is their bowls. The most popular is their Yaki chicken and Carribbean bowls. You can make your own as well. I asked the owners if they were into Tiki? They told me not really. Ofcourse the decor came along with the name and customers have given them Tikis and other items as gifts for the resturant including myself. This place is not big. They have a handfull of seating inside with some outside as well. No alchohol is served. But everybody goes here for their bowls. All Locals know it well. I higly reccomend it :D

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Forgotten Tikiman,

Good to see you posting on Locating Tiki. I will have to stop by this place next time I am headed north.

I appreciate all of your comments on my posts, glad to have you on board. Aloha, till we meet again.


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