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Tiki Visions Article in Prestigious Islands Magazine

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Thought you all would like to know that the Tiki culture is showcased in the July/Aug. 2002 Islands magazine.
A short article Edited by Jerry Camarillo Dunn Jr. talks about the tiki atmosphere of the 1950's and 1960's. Cute illustrations of a Pineapple Head, Princess Pineapple, Three Wahines and Cat Serenade. I think it does the Tiki culture justice.

Sounds like an interesting issue, particularly the Pineapple people (who they?). Is the title of the mag 'Islands'? That's the one for rich folk boating around the world, right? Or is there another for even richer people called 'Prestigious Islands'?

Trader Woody
Living on a thoroughly un-prestigious island


Aloha Trader Woody:

Yes it's the rich people's Islands Magazine. It's Fantasy Issue: Indulgence, Discovery, Adventure, and Escape Around the World July/Aug. 2002. Apparently even the rich are into Tiki fantasy. Princess Pineapple is an imaginary character created by some one named "Shag". Wouldn't surprise me if he's one of the members of this Forum (incognito) perhaps? The article states about Shag "His paintings are populated by tikis, jazzy behop cats, girls with bouffant hairdos, and other swinging denizens of a far-out cocktail-lounge world that can only be described with one word: cool.

Ahhh, I think I know those Pineappleheads!

I managed to buy a whole bunch of 'Islands' magazines a while back at a charity shop. And to think 99% of those who win the lottery get depressed and want to go back to work. (These figures completely made up).

Despite the cover of Isands proudly proclaiming "An International Magazine", it's not readily available here. But, there's always Borders!

Happy island hopping,
Trader Woody

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