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Like most of you, I enjoy collecting various Tiki's. Seems like I may be in the minority as to my favorite types though. I like the Pendants, small Tiki's to wear about the neck and such. Not alot about, any recomendations for nice ones? I like the Bodhi glass Tiki beads sometimes sold by the artist on ebay. Also like Moai Tiki's particularly.


I just got mine in the mail from Tiki King today. No complaints, they're great!



I have a couple of tiki key chains that i made, but haven't seen many smaller Tiki's.

Munktiki makes these - but you gotta go to Japan to get 'em.

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Check-out chikitiki's stock.
(may also be found on Diablotiki.com)


here are some tiki pendents i found on the net

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i been making these tangaroas for my kids at the surfing school i instruct for (Venturasurfschool.com) i use brown twine for the necklace which looks cool, but itches like a banchy. i think my boss might be catching on that i'm running a side business within the surf school. the kids are eating them up at $5 ea.

Got a couple of the Tiki King ones, nice though I'd prefer wood. Gave one to a friend and she's thrilled, that's cool. Will look at the chikitiki's mentioned. Would love one of those silver Munktiki's, anyone got the scoop on picking one up. Got shiny new nice mugs, prints ect. to trade. After not really finding what I was looking for I said the hell with it and tried to carve my own. I have zero talent with the arts but made a pretty decent Moai pendant copying my favorite Metal Tiki I wear. I cheated (yes?) and used my dremel tool with carving attachments. Would like to hand carve also but could not find decent carving knives anywhere at all. I want small tools for small projects. I'll probobly stick with Moai pendants for a while as I dig them. Anyone know the good tools to look for and where to find them? Want the quality stuff, with fixed blades. How about the dremel tool...bad? Other small power tools, attachments? Think I'd like to try both. Mahalo for any suggestions or good links, very new to carving.

Hey Octane. Just checked your site. The Tiki I referred to in my last post was one of yours, got it at the Hulilau. My first carved Tiki is a copy of yours, did you want a royality;-). Nice work btw.

If you know of any shops in your area that sell woodworking supplies you can get a very small set of gouges there that are perfect for carving small things. I have a set I use to carve wood for woodblock prints. They run about $40 or so and are very tiny, the smallest is 1.5 mm up to 5mm. They are good quality and usually come in a set of 5. I'm sure they can be found on the internet...the brand name is Dockyard Model Company and they are the Micro Carving Set. Maybe this will help you...hope so!

waikiki tiki


McDougall, just want to make sure you know that the website i gave you is not mine personally. i don't have a site and haven't sold any of my tiki stuff. just want to make sure, as i don't want any getting mad at me for looking like i'm passing their products off as mine. LOL

i too have made some small tiki pendants/key chains with the dremmel it works good, though not the same as hand carved. i will post some pics when i get them.

oh there were a few tiki pendents on Ebay a day or so ago don't know if they are still there, but it was under the tiki section.

hope you find what your looking for. the best way to start carving is just to do it, the more you do the better you get. it might take one or two to figure it out, but just keep trying.

Please see post in Collecting Tiki, Tiki Pendants.


here are the key chains i said i would put up once i got the pictures. i did these with a demmal tool.

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