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Tacoma Cabana, Tacoma, WA (restaurant)

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Name:Tacoma Cabana
Street:728 Pacific Ave.
Status:opening in September

We're opening this month in Tacoma, Wa!


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Went here Saturday for pupus. Their Booze license transfer was misplaced by the WSLCB delaying the opening for over a month. We should be drinking cocktails by Tuesday.

The coconut chicken skewers and pineapple rumaki were tasty as was the drink made from fresh tropical fruits.

Jason Alexander, co-owner and mixicologist was our host. They had committed to a pub crawl a couple of months ago so felt obligated to be open. (my words not his) The TV in the background was playing Gilligans Island episodes.

They have over 50 rums waiting to be mixed and will have about 70 when their open, also I noted allspice dram, cherry herring and other liquors not usually found in this town.

The overflow/back room will eventually be hosting Hawaiian Reggae bands on the weekends, but the bar area will be kept low-keyed. When we were there the music was all Waitiki 7 and the Tikiyaki Orchestra! It really added to the atmosphere.

a couple of shots from their web pages, the first along the bar to the front of the building, and the second is one of their Mai Tais. They'll have 2 cocktail menus, one with about 15-20 tropical/tiki drinks on it and a captains menu with many more for the more adventurous.

Plans are for more decor to be added including some larger tikis.

Sorry about the photo quality, they were taken with a cellphone.

aloha for now, tikicoma

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i don't know why it took us so long to get to Tacoma Cabana!! it was absolutely FANTASTIC. we had 13 at our table. my husband had a Zombie, Fogcutter, Hemmingway Daiquiri and a Corn and Oil. and they were "right on"! i had 3 virgin drinks, which were delicious! the food was awesome. we had the PuPu Platter, Ribs and a Loco Moco (which they split for us!). gosh, i don't remember all of the food and drinks we had.

they've taken over the club next door, so they have room for parties!! The owners couldn't be nicer..

this is a GEM! it's about 45 minutes outside of Seattle. and totally WORTH the drive!!!


We went last night and it was wicked awesome! We'll be going back again soon.


Looks to be a cool place. When I first saw the name, I thought it'd be more "Margaritaville and Tacos". I'd like to say I'd be going sometime, but it's been 31 years since my last visit to the pacific NW (grandparents lived in Everett, they've both passed). So.......


(Edit) P.S. Are those shower curtains in the background of the photos above????

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Thank you Jason and Robin for the birthday present!

It's one of the two artists proofs, the other is turquoise, that the Cabana received from Rob Hawes.

These are the finished produce, pretty cool!

As for the drinks, well so far I've got five favorites and have a hard time getting beyond them to find more I'd like. To simplify, the Cabana won the 2013 Evening Magazine "Best of the Western Washington's" best cocktails category. Most weekends I'm there it seem that a lot of the people sitting at the bar are from Seattle! Also this year at Tiki Kon Jason won the Iron Tikitender title, so yeah he makes great drinks.

He seems to have the most fun with the Boo Loo though,
this was from the spring,

and this one was last weekend.

Oh, by the way I forgot to mention the Cabana has over 228 different rums,none bottom shelf (I don't think he has any spiced ones either). So come on down up or over just remember to save me a seat at the bar!

aloha, tikicoma


This place demands a bump...the best cocktails in Washington.


This wednesday! The Tacoma Cabana's fourth anniversary starting at 7pm with the unveiling of Tacoma carver Gone Tiki's mammoth new carving followed by The Hawaiian Swing Band playing Hapa Haole& Hawaiian tunes. Rumor has it that Jason Alexander (2013-14-15 winner of the Best of Western Washington cocktail category) will be creating a special cocktail to celebrate the occasion!

Come one, come all! Lets have some fun!


Sorry about the delay in uncovering the tiki but unfortunately life really stuck its foot in the door and came in. So with no further ado...

Flanked on the left by Jim Kruize who carver this big guy and on the right by Robyn Murphy who along with Jason Alexander own the Cabana.

And a shot of it in Jims backyard with the finish curing.

It was a fun night with the Hawaiian Swing Band playing and the arrival of the Plantation OFTD overproof rum! A couple weeks later they won the King5's Best of Western Washington Best Cocktail category for the fourth year in a row.

aloha, tikicoma


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Word is that this coming weekend is the last for the Tacoma Cabana; they're going to be consolidating over at their new site (Devil's Reef) a few blocks away.

The Tacoma Cabana will be open this coming Friday and Saturday, 8-31-18 and 9-1-18 - and will then close their doors for good at this site.

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