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Orchids of Hawaii Mug question...

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Aloha all...
I just picked up a mug at the thrift during lunch. Yea!

Anyway, it's marked "Orchids of Hawaii R-74 Taiwan"
Does anyone know when they switched from Japan to Taiwan? Just trying to get a guage of the little guy's age.


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Most curious! I have never seen a Taiwan model. Does anyone else have a Taiwan model? Bueller? Bueller?

I've got a green R-5 marked "Orchids of Hawaii" and "Taiwan". I think there may have been a thread on this subject last year----I'll see if I can find it. To make matters still more confusing, I saw an Orchids mug the other week on Ebay marked "Korea"! I knew about Taiwan, but had never seen one marked Korea before.

I've seen the Taiwan Orchids of Hawaii mugs and they seem to be somewhat less in definition that the Japan production.

I think someone must have sold the mugs to a Taiwan factory, and they were made on a day when SARS was kicking ass on the workforce.

But, a thrift store find is always a good thing!

These are some of the old threads on the subject--there may be others, I'm just too lazy to look further right now... :tiki:


These are some pix of the Korean R-71:

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The only Orchids 'Taiwan' mug I have is marked R-96; It's shaped like a geisha, but it is not the same geisha mug that is part of the 'Benihana of Tokyo' series.

I also have an Orchids mug that I picked up in San Francisco marked "Taiwan".


I just picked up a green on in Cambria marked "Japan R-1" - mean anything to anyone?

All the Orchids designs had a designation R plus a number. I believe R-1 was the "headhunter", a big goblet shaped tiki with it's tongue sticking out. It has kind of a Maori look to it.


Yup - that's it!


My daily drinker is an Orchids of Hawaii, made in Taiwan:

Isn't she lovely?

She's an R-76, and marked "Orchids of Hawaii" "R-76" and "Taiwan" on the bottom. She was a gift from puamana and Selector Lopaka. I drink coffee out of her.

I had no idea that there had been any mugs manufactured in Korea under the Orchids of Hawaii name.

Also just learned some specifics on the Orchids of Hawaii/Dynasty Wholesale relationship on this thread, courtesy of Polynesian Pop:


Hey Pop -- you still got old OOH catalogs?

p.s. -- oh yeah, this was my Savage Renewal post. :)

Critiki - Ooga-Mooga - Humu Kon Tiki

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Lots of people refer to the R-76 as "she" but I'm of the opinion that those are "man-boobs". (hope this isn't considered a frivolous post, perhaps I can rephrase it:)

Does anyone know what Polynesian entity the Orchids R-76 is meant to represent? I've often seen it refered to as a female, but I'm not convinced.


I agree, I've also been on the fence regarding the gender of this tiki mug. After all, it's sporting a pretty healthy belly there, so man-boobs are not out of the question. She may not be very feminine at first glance (setting the boobs aside for the moment), but there's a certain curviness to the body, a fullness in the shape, that adds to the idea that it could be a she. Turning it over and looking at the bottom doesn't answer the question, unfortunately. :wink:

It would be really cool to have a sort of chart of all the orchids mugs and their numbers, maybe in numerical order?

Would this be possible?
Does anyone know how many different styles there are?

I'd be willing to up-keep such a list on here if people supply me with their pictures & bottom marking descriptions.

Kenike posted on Sun, Sep 4, 2005 6:00 PM

I'm of the opinion that those are "man-boobs".

I agree. Those are man-boobs...and a full belly. I saw a guy at the beach that looks just like him.

It would be really cool to have a sort of chart of all the orchids mugs and their numbers, maybe in numerical order?

This is close to what your talking about.

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On 2005-09-04 18:00, Juno wrote:
I agree. Those are man-boobs...and a full belly. I saw a guy at the beach that looks just like him.

Hell, I look just like him. Including the snaggle-toothed snarl.

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