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London Trader Vics hang: Thur, Oct 4, 2012 ? Who's in?

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Hey everyone,

Mr. Ho be comin' across the pond to visit London and scour it for tiki, mid-century, and other gems and maybe try these so-called "chips" that aren't chips. (What?!)

I got lucky as m'lady's work trip has us staying at the HILTON Park Lane - woohoo -- and I get to tag along which means ample time to explore the bar at Trader Vics London. I plan to put out an invite to fans of Mr. Ho's Orchestrotica and also wanted to see if any TC ohana are interested in a hang. Flexible on time - maybe 5pm? Er wait, is that 17 oclock? whatever.

I am also looking for any tips on tiki in London, cocktail places, or other gems not to miss. In town a little under a week.

Mr. Ho


Make that 530pm. Facebook Event at https://www.facebook.com/events/421292714601958/


Damn would love to come up and meet you but we are almost 3 hours away and that is along journey,Hope you meet up with some other people,Vic's is great one of the few original remaining bars but you might be shocked at the drink prices with your dollar rate,Also definately try to check out trailer happiness(a great bar)And Mahiki is okay but not much of a tiki bar now more of a celeb hangout.There are several other tiki style bars in London but most are really night clubs but with great decor by Cheeky Tiki,Its a shame you are not coming a week later as its london cocktail week and Rumfest!!

Mr. Ho posted on Mon, Oct 1, 2012 9:05 AM

Why oh why did you have to point that out!!!!??? Grrr. For a drummer, my timing sucks! Didnt know cheekytiki did the decors but i thnk he is coming and will probably be able to splain-me all the details in london tiki, no?

Grrr. :)

whoops sorry about that!Depends how long you are herefor you catch a bit of thr cocktail week which is worth seeing ask Jamie whats on though,shame we cant make it


actually, i will be in town on monday! woo-hoo! Any tips?

there should be a magazine available that tells you participating bars, Best check out their website as to whats going on

Sorry can't make it either as we have gig tickets for that night already. Jamie will set you on the right path though.

Mr. Ho posted on Mon, Oct 8, 2012 9:15 AM

WEll unfortunately cheeky-tiki was a no-show but i loved the TV london. What a gem you have!
Great decor and better drinks than the last one I went to (scottsdale az).
Mr. Ho

Sorry no Britiki crowd were there to great you. I would have got there if I could.
It is a great Trader Vic's, amazing decor.


yeah likewise hope you are having a good trip where else have you been?

Mr. Ho posted on Tue, Oct 9, 2012 3:45 PM

We hit the London Cocktail Club (corpse reviver no 2) and Connaught Bar since it wont TOTC 2012. Some interesting drinks at the latter; werent my favorites but well executed and original. Had a whole page of drinks offered that reeked of a product push for bacardi silver (what?) - naturally I skipped those! :) that said, Connaught bar was super pricey and waitress didnt have great knowledge of the drinks (I hate to say it but my fav places stateside in nyc and boston all usually have very well trained staff and at £16 each you wanna get something you like!) :) had a great time in london an hope to go back again to see more (lotsa time downtown/soho etc; didnt have time to see much more.)

Id love to get the quartet to Trader Vics although their typical fri/sat is a latin trio playing along to latin pop serve up on sequenced backing tracks. Lots of 20 somethings and mini skirts! (Maybe a few working girls too, haha?) On day perhaps! At least Ronnie Scott's house bigband put on a great show of 70s large ensemble jazz...

Mr. Ho

On 2012-10-09 15:45, Mr. Ho wrote:
...and at £16 each you wanna get something you like!) :)

Wow, £16 each? I thought I was getting rooked when I paid $12 each at Waikiki Beach two years ago. Now today I find that some places in my little village here in Florida are charging $12.50 each for craft cocktails. Sure, they're generally pretty good. But your point is well taken -- if you're going to pay an arm or a leg for a drink, it better be good.

Cheers and okole maluna to you, Mr. Ho!

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