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Here's my latest carving...and Hukilau here we come.

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See you all at Hukilau!. Here is a 4 foot Maori meeting house image I just finished. right at 60 hours of work from concept to completion...enjoy!

Hmmm, Hey Poly Pop I'm going to ask BK what he wants for it. Hey BK, is this one for sale? If so, how much? WOW!! I'm in awe!

Insane BK! That's top notch... and stop being modest!

Hey... do you have a chance to post that tiki necklace you got...? Mahalo!

Have a safe trip!

JT, it will look great with that Maori you you picked up from Gecko (you bastard)!

Jungle....I dunno. I'll have it with me at Hukilau, but it is a large 60+ hour labor carving plus abalone so it will be over $700. For instance, just the scaling: there are 408 scales in this carving each requiring four seperate cuts (that's 1632 small cuts for the scaling alone). I may trump and just keep it unless someone temps me royally! Lake, I PM'ed you the photo of the pendants.

hmmmm, we'll see. It would look real nice next to my Gecko Maori.

I hate talented people. JUST KIDDING BK


Nice. I'd have to say anything less than a grand would be robbery. Unless you want to consider trading for a sweet tobacco sunburst LP?...after all, you can always "just carve another one". See you there.

BK Great job. It is truly a work of art. Pricing something like that is difficult. Would someone really pay you what your time is worth? I know that I could never realize a profit with as long as I work on my stuff.

Awesome work.




Honestly BK, it seems that 700 clams is not enough for such a beautifully detailed carving. jmo, JT

I'm bringing some of my more crude earlier stuff that I'm going to price in the 45-125.00 range so somebody can have something for their wall and not have to spend an arm and a leg...I guess I have four or five cheaper pieces with me....those are just decorator quality weapons and a New Guinea style clan paddle but they look good on a tiki bar wall. I do have a very neat plaque for 135.00, which is a copy of the ones Gecko photoed that still remain hanging on the old Trader Vic's in the International Marketplace in Waikiki, but I have to give Braddah Geck a chance at it, as we had a trade going but I only have been able to do one of his pieces and he mentioned a while back he may want it as an option. I have a few keeper weapons to show the folks, too. I'm overnighting in transit right now in south Georgia....we'll see you all tomorrow! I'm looking forward to meeting some more TC folks!

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