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Beachbumz Tiki & Gift Shop

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Name:Beachbumz Tiki & Gift Shop
Street:1941 South Kihei Road B-2

Beachbumz Tiki is a small shop that is located on the south shore of Maui in Kihei that is in the Kihei Kalama Village Marketplace. Opened in 1999, started back then selling products like sunglasses, beach towels, wood gift items,vintage Hawaiiana as well as newer Hawaiiana products products, etc.. Then in 2001 found a little company called Tiki Farm and instantly "Got Hooked" selling all sorts of Tiki! The shop has many assorted Tiki mugs, bowls and shots, etc from Tiki Farm, Munktiki, new and retired. On the shelves you'll find limited editions mugs from Gecko's South Sea Arts, MauiTiki, and my own creations by Beachbumz & Tikipop.. There's even a few shelfs of vintage mugs that is stocked most of the time with assorted mugs from Orchids Of Hawaii, Daga, Otigiri, hobbists, etc.. Come on by were open from 10:30 to 7:00 everyday!

Beachbumz / Tikipop

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Beach Bumz Maui

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