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I just read about a wealthy guy who owns a yacht and plans to travel to 12 major league ball parks this summer in the lap of luxury. His journey started in Miami where he attended a Marlins game, then steamed out to his next destination, Baltimore, where he and his friends will disembark and watch an Orioles game. I think his goal is to eventually end up in Cleveland???

This got me to thinking about my fantasy journey... I would depart Miami via customized Airstream trailer, complete with a Bosko designed Tiki Bar (fully stocked with El Dorado and Pyrat Rums), Eames era furnishings and some original Shag wallhangings. The exterior of the Airstream would sport an elaborate Polynesian Pop airbrushed scene reminiscent of Von Franco's Hoodoo Hoedown. Let's also paint some Bacardi Logos in the high visibility areas of the trailer (we've got to get some sponsorship dough to pay for this journey). First stop is the Mai Kai in Ft. Lauderdale. I'd like to eventually end up in Seattle. I'd probably stop at several college campuses along the way, espousing the virtues of Polynesian Pop culture and imbibing with the natives...

If you're on a Tiki journey there's no reason to go further north than Portland, Oregon. Spend two days at the Alibi rather than waste a day in Seattle.


Whaddya mean, no reason to go any further north!!!! What about the Polynesian Room in Vancouver?

Yankees. Sheesh.


I'd like to hit every Trader Vic's in the world and compare. That would be quite a journey.

Pages: 1 3 replies