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Article on Shag in the L.A.Times

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Wow, I didn't know Shag did 4 paintings for the anneversary of Disneyland's Enchanted Tiki Room. (I also didn't know his name was Josh)

Has anyone seen them or know where to see them?


Most of his books give that "hip" info that his name is Josh Agle and after taking the last 2 letters of his first name along with the first 2 letters of his last name becomes SHAG.

That was a vital piece of information regarding the originals he did for Disneyland though. I may have to make a special trip to the "happiest place on earth" just to see them.


I've got a co-worker going next week with orders to check it out. I hope he can remember Shag's name.

The gallery, which is located in Bergamont complex in Santa Monica, contains 26 wonderful paintings.

There are two larger works, including one featuring the Bali Hai, in the office.

Disappointingly, no print lithographs are available.


Anybody seen Shag's Tiki Room art? I'm itchin' to get my hands on the set if Disney ever releases them as prints. Disney has already missed the anniversary date for the Tiki Room's 40th. C'mon Mickey, hurry it up...

I found Shag's Tiki Room artwork and it will be released at Disneyland on Sept 20, 2003. The serigraph will be produced in an edition of 300 and is offered for $350. 22.75" x 28.5". I like it, but can't afford it. Darnit.

Shag's prices seem to be increasing at an even greater rate than his popularity.

While I can not recall how much I paid at the Night of the Tiki show in July 2001 for a signed & numbered print, I am sure it was no more than half that price.

Could someone explain the difference between a serigraph and a lithograph? Thanks.

On 2003-07-16 01:44, christiki295 wrote:
Could someone explain the difference between a serigraph and a lithograph?

A serigraph is a print made using silkscreens (a type of stencil, one for each color of ink). It's the usual method for printing T-shirts.

Lithographs are made by putting the design onto a smooth surface (such as a stone or metal plate, one for each color of ink) using a compound that repels ink. The plate is then coated with ink (the ink will not stick to the repellent areas) and transferred onto paper.

--cindy (art history major)

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