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Ideas needed ... tiki nursery

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I'm in the midst of clearing out my home office for it's transformation into a nursery for our baby (due Aug 11). I would like to go with a tiki/tropical theme for the room, any ideas for crib, changing table, or other children's furniture? All suggestions are appreciated, I've been searcing & haven't found anything. Any of you share a home office with your baby? Can this work?

I love it! Early tiki indoctrination!

Paint a mural on the walls with a oceanscape and smiling tikis peeking out of the tropical foliage.

How about a mobile made with little plastic pineapples - you can probably get them at a good floral supply shop - hanging over the crib?

Whatever you do, be careful to use fire safe materials.


Hula girl night light!

Aloha Hotrod Hut and Welcome to Tiki Central. I'm in the process of buying a new home and as such, have undergone the design process of my little girl's (10 months old) room as well. We're going to go with the Hula Girl/Hawaiian theme.

I plan on painting a mural of Diamond Head on the main wall and installing a thatch roof overhang over her closet doors. I'll be pulling various hula girl items from my collection for her shelves. Those in addition to a hula girl lamp and some pink tiki mugs should make the room look nice.

Believe it or not, Pottery Barn has a few good items for kids rooms that are tropical inspired in their stores right now.

Good Luck and take some pics. I wanna see how it all turns out!

**Poly-Pop ***

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How's about a hula skirt around the bottom of the crib, it can hide all the "stuff" under it too. Like MM mentioned, a mobile , but I would make it out of the McDonalds happy meal Nemo toys as well. Maybe a band(16" plus) of lauhala and sanded split bamboo going around the room to offset the nice tropi/baby colors. Oh yeah, Home depot has some tropical flavored ceiling fans now.

On 2003-06-26 22:01, Hotrod Hut wrote:
I would like to go with a tiki/tropical theme for the room, any ideas for crib, changing table, or other children's furniture?

Giant wooden forks and spoons are not choking hazards. :)

Great ideas so far, I'm getting a game plan together. Any more?

On 2003-06-27 09:57, thechikitiki wrote:
How's about a hula skirt around the bottom of the crib, it can hide all the "stuff" under it too.

They sell raffia bed skirts at BedBath&Beyond ... I'm sure you could modify it for a crib.


Sorry, sweetie Chiki, but DO NOT wrap the crib with a rafia/thatching skirt....cute idea and has come up often, but, it's like placing a child in a bed of straw....if, God forbid, a fire broke out, it could be a tragedy. I've written, and have been published, in many decorative magazines with this information....it's plain not safe, don't do it. It's all the rage, but not safe at all.
I've made "puffy" palm trees out of fabric for a jungle theme for our first son. And our second son's nursery was a fabric "scene" with sewn stuffed waves, sand and a sun complete with black "shades." Came out cute....and a really small area to work with.
Good luck with your babe!

I remember a post here a while back about some stuffed tiki plush toys.

I saw a tiki headed rattle just yesterday in Spencers gifts that would be perfect. It is all plastic construction, to make it baby safe you would just need to remove the hair (choking hazard) from the top of it.

Maybe someone on the site knows of a plastic tiki mug out there that could fit a sippy cup's top. Baby's first tiki mug.

They also sell infant sized aloha shirts.

P.S. I also agree that the grass skirt or thatched roof over the crib would look cool, but that just too dangerous too do.


You could dress up any of your office cabinets, or changing tables with woven matts and some baboom splits. i did a quick scetch of a cabinat i'm going to or at least thinking about building for my room.

the feet are smaller tiki's, the door handle is a small flat tiki mask that will be cut down the middle and screwed in place so when the doors are closed it looks whole

I saw some cute flannel fabric today at Joann Fabric store. It has teddy bears in hula skirts and hibiscus flowers, very cute for a baby's room. But make sure it is not flammable first.

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