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hi, i'm new to the board and new to the Tiki life style. i got into it through the carvings and have now started to carve a few tiki myself(for the last two weeks).

I have a question for members of the board and it deals with the Hawaiian gods ( KU, Lono, ect.) does any one know of a good website, book or any where else i can learn about the different Hawaiian gods and their roles, actually for that matter any good books on Tiki carvings or history?


Welcome Octane.
The Book of Tiki, Sven Kirsten.
Isn't there an Oceanic Arts book? Check Amazon.com for "stuff". Good luck, JT

Aloha Octane and Welcome to the tribe!

For info on the different types of Hawaiian Gods, check out this this thread:


For info on carving you can check out a book titled "Oceanic Art" by Adrienne L. Kaeppler. It's a very extensive book and features carvings from all parts of the South Pacific.

The Book of Tiki is actually a book about the Polynesian Pop movement on Mainland US but is a great book nonetheless. The author, Sven Kirsten, is also a member of Tiki Central.

If you get a chance, we'd love to see some of your carvings. You should post them in the Carving Post:


Welcome Aboard!

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here are some of my carvings i have done in the past two weeks, not sure if they are done yet. i added this to the carving post and will added it here

This is my first Tikis they are made of flat wood are are more masks ( but not really)

This is my first attempt at a peice of palm wood. a friend got the wood for me. the stump was interestingly sized at 16" high and 24" in diameter.

This is my second attempt at anothe peice of the palm log.

here is another picture of the second one where my mom used it as a plant stand, you might also be albe to see a little tiki i carved out of a stake in the plant.

here is one i worked on yesterday, not sure what else to do to it, but it doesn't seem finished

well there are my carvings, i had never used a chainsaw or chisel until about two weeks ago so i hope i can get better, but it sure is fun.

hEy oCtane, cAl pOly library has a great selection of Oceanic arts books. The only thing I'm gonna miss about poly is thier library. Here's the link to a great book about Hawaiian history and most of the surviving OG tikis.

heres the call #;s for some more GN670 .B29
,(N7410 .B8), (N7410 .D6 Oversize), (N7410 .E35 1990)
On the third floor right to the left of the stairway exit, theres a great section of Polynesian arts books, (bottom row, right next to the grad study room) Sorry for all the mess on the floor there, thats where I spent many hours eating between classes. Looks like your carvings are inspired by Bosko? Did you see his shelf at that store downtown (Therapy) on Higuera, just past Garden St. gOod luck with the carvings and research


thanks for all the tips at Poly i will have to check that out. i did see that shelf and i think they now have the bosco bar as well. i guess my tiki's are Bosco style (especially the little masks) but i new and haven't been able to find any real books on older carvings, so the only real thing i go by is what i see at bosko's and other place that are selling tiki stuff on the web. hopefully once i go to the Poly libary i can expand the styles i carve.

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