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Life ain't bad...

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Just sittin' here by the "beach" outside Castaway Cove (I love my Airport network!) on a warm Portland afternoon, sipping a tropical concoction, under the watchful gaze of one of Seamus' tikis, chilling before I head to the airport - looking forward to seeing my bay area tiki pals. Nothing much to add to that - just wanted to share it with the folks I think of whenever I get that mellow tiki buzz...

Wish my weekend was already started! Pour one for me-and drink it-if you have a ride to the airport!

Oooh Yeahhh... I hear ya'
It's hot like hades here in NorCal so I'm cuttin' out early and I can already taste the kabobs on the grill and the Mai Tai's in The Aloha Room.
Much Aloha for the weekend!

Just finished the drive up pacific coast highway from Huntington Bch to Long Beach. Surfing, sunshine and all those young women wearing their new bikini's. Life ain't too damn bad at all!!


Thanks for the inspiration! It has been gorgeous out here on the Oregon coast(which means temps above 60) but the evenings are still chilly. I decided to share in the communal Tiki vibe and lit the torches, plugged in the Moai fountainhead, and poured a couple strong ones. Sometimes it really is the simple things.

Thinkin' that same thing as I paddled into the line up at Pleasure Point early yesterday morning. It was 6:30 in the AM. , already getting hot and not a wisp of fog to be seen. There was only two people out in water and nice little summer lines coming through. Oh yeah, there is tiki overlooks the point that looked quite regal with the rising sun hitting it. I digs summer like nobodys bizness

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