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Hawaiian Bar in Minneapolis Airport

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For you guys way north, I read this on Lileks site today:

"There was one of these in my concourse, but it was playing a Bob Seeger tune, and I am well aware at this juncture in human history that he, or his love, or his determination, or his truck, is analogous to a rock. I went across the road to a new Hawaiian themed bar, wondering if they had Minnesota themed bars in the Honolulu airport. Nice and quiet. Ordered a screwdriver, opened the novel I hadn’t read since my last plane trip, and fell into the story like someone falling down a well. Ahhhh."

Anyone confirm this airport bar? I know there are several Minnesotans on this board.


[ Edited by: DaneTiki 2009-08-30 19:33 ]

Last year I saw a nouveaux Tiki Snack bar with Moais at the Paris airport (was that Orly?), but airport bars are what they are...not my kind of idea of an escape. EXCEPT The Encounter at LAX, off course.

[ Edited by: bigbrotiki on 2002-06-28 09:55 ]

There's supposed to be a Tiki snack bar with a Moai at Schipol airport in Amsterdam, too, but I couldn't find it. Must say my brain was a tad foggy at the time, though.

Trader Woody

You know my brain must have been foggy too, cause I guess it was in Amsterdam then, just remembered that it was a stopover before Germany. And since I try to avoid the arrogant Air France like the pest for years now, it must have been there...

Can anyone confirm the story about the Hawaiian bar at the Minneapolis airport? If so, how about some more details?


I will check it out. If so, I might be very happy this week.


[ Edited by: DaneTiki 2009-08-30 19:32 ]

He claims it's "across the road" so it's probably not in the airport at all. Anyone in that are who can take an afternoon and drive around?



Why don't you just email Lileks and ask him about it? I emailed him about a polynesian restaurant matchbook on his site and he was happy to reply. Seemend intrigued by the whole polynesian pop thing. If we nudge him enough, we may have another convert to TIki. And a talented one at that!

Swanky posted on Mon, Aug 5, 2002 7:08 AM

Emailing Lileks is about useless at this point. He has said he does not have time to reply any longer. Too much email. I'm the one that got him the new web host that is saving him thousands and keeping his site alive and he rarely replies to me anymore. His new book is well on it's way. Trashing the 70's will go over well in this 70's revival thing we are being punished with. He says he does read his email though.


[ Edited by: DaneTiki 2009-08-30 19:32 ]

Were you able to get any kind of a glimpse of that closed bar in the Maui Taco?

[ Edited by: DaneTiki 2009-08-30 19:31 ]

Seems like he was saying 'across the road' in a figurative sense; perhaps he was across the wide walkway bisecting almost all airport terminals, and merely made his way hrough the crowd to the opposite side of the airport 'mall'...

Looks like Maui Taco is what will end up in "Tiki Road Trip"...



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