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God forbid someone enters into the land of Mullets and Meth Labs but does anybody have any info on a Big Tiki at least 6 ft. tall that is sitting off of the 215 in the Perris area of California I think the off ramp is Oleander? I drove by it today, no one else in the car wanted to stop to investigate. I was just wondering if it's worth the trip back to check it out? I drove by so fast all I got to see was that big fella. I don't even know what kind of place it is. :)

yeah, I stopped by and investigated it about 2 weeks ago.

They are big, about 10 feet. they have red lights inside for the eyes and a port at the bottom so you can plug in a hose from a fog machine.

They are made out of fiberglass. $1200 american green ones.

I have all the contact info somewhere around this mess I call an office.

Erich Troudt

Thanks ET, I will have to stop in and check them out for a closer look.

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