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Stanley Hong's Mannia Cafe , Detroit, MI (restaurant)

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Name:Stanley Hong's Mannia Cafe
Street:265 E Baltimore Ave

A Chinese Restaurant & "Tiki Bar" in a striking Googie building in an industrial area of Detroit. The restaurant was opened in 1968, was closed "sometime in the '90s" and converted into a church, which is now also defunct.

Stanley's Mannia Cafe in 2009.

The now gutted interior.

Wow! What a cool Googie ruin! I say this MUST have been built as a church initially! WHO was the architect...

One reason why I am thinking this was a church first (or maybe built from plans for one) is that the front obviously was inspired this 1947 Frank Lloyd Wright church, one of the earliest A-frame buildings:

An architectural historian friend of mine thought it could be a Minoru Yamasaki church:

...but I don't think so - maybe somebody from his office?

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