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(I posted this on the collecting forum, but meant to post it here)

You know those cool tiki lights with the Moai heads? The big ones? I had this idea to contact the company to get a couple of replacement heads in just the colors I wanted. It's the same company (I think) that markets the tiki torches, fuel, wicks, etc.

Their addresses are listed on packages as 1648 N. O'donnell Way in Orange CA 92867-3622 or Donel Inc., or Corona CA 92879 depending which product you're looking at.

Anyway, I couldn't find them on the net or get a number from information.

Now it's not all that important really, but since I CAN'T find any information I WANT the information. Anyone know a number to call or live in the area or know the stockboy's second cousin's neighbor's friend?

I gotsta know!

Replying to my own posts. How sad is that?

Anyway, I got the info. Tiki Corp was purchased by Lamplight Farms in Wisconsin. They will be carrying the "Tiki Gods" light sets. It's not on their website yet, but will be. Here's the URL:


The Tiki Gods set is $73.80 a case and there are 6 in a case. And no, you can't order individual colors.

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Just don't start arguing with yourself. That would be sad.

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