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Check out this house

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Hey, TIKI-freaks, My parteners and myself are building this house in Laguna Beach, CA.
The owner just put up this Web-site to sell it as a spec house.
I just thought that it was kinda cool.

OK. miss CC. for you it will cost 5.5 mill

Mahalo to you

[ Edited by: thebaxdog on 2002-06-29 09:22 ]

[ Edited by: thebaxdog on 2002-06-29 09:22 ]

This is one of those,'If you gotta ask,you can't afford it" kinda houses.Awesome,wish I lived there.As long as I didn't have any neighbors that is!
Cool,thanks for the link.

You can buy your own island in the Key's for that!!! With a killer hut too! And, a boat! And, plenty of fish for food! Nutty rich O.C. people! Priorities!!!


We're with you Bamboo Ben.While we're at the beach surfing in front of the multi-million dollar houses they're at work trying to pay for them!



Hey Bamboo Ben,
Did you get the forward we E-d you?-=CC=-

one more test... sorry all :(

I did CC but I'm affraid to open it due to the fact my computer is from the stone age. I just got all frozen up trying to look at the Aku in the Snow post.Geocities hates me! As soon as I do this job on Rodeo in Bev. Hills, I'll get a new system with a scanner so I can post my grandfathers tiki past and maybe some of you pro's no where some of the old work is beside Trader Morts in S.D. and the last Aku in vegas. Would be cool if some of you's had some of his. I "Guess?" this has something to do with the original post. Rodeo and the 5.5mil house. The quotes are a hint of the job on Rodeo. Yes, I've sold out!!!!

Good for you, Ben! What are you building for them? How did they find you? Is the word of mouth about the talents of Bamboo Ben spreading to the rich and famous?


It'll be a big job but, the pay's the same.

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