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Hey Kanes and Wahines...

If you weren't able to access the chat room on my tiki site, I apologize. I had a server problem and couldn't upload the html to include the link to the chat room...but it is all right now.

Please stop by and chat...we're open 24 hours!

http://www.tikitackett.com and click "Tiki's Lounge".

Hope to see you all "chanting" sometime!

Jason "Tiki" Tackett

Hey Ticki Tacket,

Do you know any of the special merchandising Disney has planned for the 40th Anniversary of the Tiki Room? I heard about a mug from Tiki Farm, and some Shag prints, anything else? Im hoping they do some of the old school Hawaiian shirts!


Tahiti Jim~
Welcome to Tiki Central! The Enchanted Tiki Room Mug has been mentioned before and you can read what was posted by looking here.

A recent gathering to celebrate the Tiki Room's 40th Anniversary just took place. Unfortunately, it was not acknowledged by Disney other than offering a watch for sale for $200. Some TC members had to take matters into their own hands and do their own anniversary celebration. You can read more about that here, and here.

SugarCaddyDaddy's Schedule of Stuff!

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Thanks for making me feel welcome!

I hope Disney sees the value in all things Tiki, because there are suckers like me waiting to spend their hard earned money on all things Tiki!


IF you really want Tiki Room Merchandise, click on this link and send them your request. Use the drop down menu and select the "Merchandise Option". If enough of us speak up hopefully they will listen.


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